Rock CulturE

We are a Fellowship that promotes:

  • Evangelism as the heartbeat of our ministry. It is our desire to equip the people of God with innovative witnessing tools that transcend cultures and diverse ethnic backgrounds.

  • Worship as the necessary key ingredient for developing a fruitful relationship with God. Through the vehicle of worship we will not only discover the deep things of God but also the purpose of God in our hearts.

  • The love of God extended towards all persons. The bible states that Christ commanded men to love God with their heart, mind, soul, strength, and to love your neighbor as yourself.

  • Family as the backbone of our ministry.

  • Prayer as of essential importance for the believer and church. It is our motivation to promote prayer for the family, ministry, leadership and all men.

  • Ethnic and cultural diversity as paramount for our ministry. It is our desire to become a fellowship that gathers individuals from all backgrounds and people groups for corporate Worship.

  • Servanthood as the focal point of ministry and the highest form of Leadership to the Body of Christ.